Better perinatal mental healthcare for Black women
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We have transformed perinatal mental healthcare for Black women and birthing parents because we know better care starts with your needs at the center.
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of pregnancy and childbirth complications are preventable.

When we feel off balance mentally and emotionally, it’s easier to suffer in silence at work or home instead of seeking help from professionals. That’s why we help you reduce your risk for symptoms of burnout, anxiety and depression through education and virtual consultations with culturally-competent providers.

What Candlelit Care offers you

Mental Health Screening

Learn your risk for mental health complications during pregnancy rather than after birth.

Virtual Community

Connect with other moms who share similar risks in virtual counseling sessions.

Personalized Care Plans

Receive daily actionable insights so you can take control of your mental health.

1 on 1 Coach Consults

Book affordable support, without long waits from the comfort of your home.

Your (Mental) Health Record

Talking about your mental health doesn’t have to feel shameful. Feel empowered with your risk score.

Zero Insurance Drama

No insurance? You’ll be able to access therapy through your care provider and receive flexible, affordable sessions.


Mental healthcare that centers your joy



Looking at all factors that can impact your goals, we’ll deliver a snapshot of where you stand and where you’re headed. If you have a family member or partner, we can ask about them, too.



Based on the information you share, we’ll pair you with a dedicated Candlelit Care coach, who will review your results, answer any questions and create a flexible plan that reflects your reality. We coordinate care with your existing providers so that nothing falls through the cracks.



From provider referrals to navigating insurance or treatment, our coaches stick beside you in whichever way works best for you - text, email, or video or call. We make it easy to stay on top of your goals with exercises, action items and reminders.

The Candlelit Care Approach


Black women are at a higher risk of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) before, during and up to a year after pregnancy.

We’re dedicated to making sure Black women and women of color are valued, seen and respected in healthcare. When we feel off balance mentally, it can feel easier to suffer in silence at work or home rather than seek help from professionals. That’s why we’re changing how women are screened, monitored and treated, especially when starting a family, to reduce their overall risk and symptoms of burnout, anxiety and depression through virtual consultations with licensed therapists.

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Testimonial from the ladies

I thought it was useful. I really loved the idea of a birth plan. I think a lot of people think about what they want to do once they get to birth but never think about setting a plan from when you're first pregnant until after birth.

Candlelit Parent

I actually do really like the questions that are being asked here because these are questions that I need help figuring out.. so they're very thought provoking questions, which I like. I like that there's an option to read, listen or watch because sometimes I can't listen to stuff if I'm in a place and or looking at something on my phone.

Candlelit Parent

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